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“You always say you want to experience things but I don't think you actually want to experience things because you would experience it if you wanted to experience things.” -Kendall Jenner

Dear artists,

We are very happy that you have accepted the invitation to “Upsi!” Now we want to share with you the concept of the show: You are all chosen either for your tendency to follow your visual/conceptual brand, material or topic and since you all have a clear noticeability as upcoming artists in Munich, we would like to challenge you. As an aspiring professional artist, your focus lies on sharpening your artist profile. You are constantly seeking to develop your own work, while at the same time always looking for ways to present and market your art. In this cycle, there is sometimes little room for experimentation, digression and failure. “Upsi!” encourages you to do just that. We want to see work that takes you out of your comfort zone. Assuming that “Upsi!” is the next best thing to self-manifestation, you have willingly given us your artist statement, thanks ! ; How far you are willing to break out of your routine for “Upsi!” will now be measured by your statement, as it will serve as a critical opponent of your own piece. Just for record, we don’t want you to create a totally new brand yet would like to give you a space to do a small Upsi.

If you are up for challenging your materials, approaches, concepts or visuals we would love to have you as a part of the show.

Let us know if you are in and how you would approach it. We are looking forward to it !

Berg & Ludwig

Vernissage:22.03.2024 18:00
Finissage:27.03.2024 18:00
Opening Hours: Everyday 16:00-21:00

Artists → Tabata von der Locht Julia Walk Lukas Hoffmann Alexander Scharf Hannes Borgmeier Julia Emslander Veronika Günther Rytter Sport Sarah Neumann Jakob Gilg

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Photographs: The BERG